Key Financial Terms to Know


As a business entrepreneur, there are some financial terms that you need to know and understand. The success of your business depends on your financial plans and acts. Understanding the terms used in finance is a big step towards the success of your business. When you are aware of what some of the financial terms mean, it will be easier for you to follow the financial progress of your business. You will also be in a position to make informed decisions in your business which will ensure success. Continue reading this article to learn more about some of the financial terms.


The first financial term that you need to know is asset allocation. The term asset allocation is used in an investment strategy and it involves balance risk against reward. Asset allocation involves changing the percentage of every asset in every asset class to attain a certain target. You should note that some of these assets include stock bonds, cash real estate, and others. This term is very useful in classifying the assets and ensuring that the business is not running at a loss. In an investment portfolio, this term is commonly used and if you do not know what it means you may miss out.


The second financial term that you need to learn is the balance sheet. A balance sheet is an accounting term that you need to know what it means to ensure you know what is means when used in the financial statement. A balance sheet shows an accounting of the business assets, that is what the business owns and what the business owes, its liability. It is also in the balance sheet that you learn how much that the company or the business is receiving from its shareholders. From the balance sheet, you can be able to learn where the business is financially placed. Find out more financial terms to know now.


The last thing that you need to know in terms used in finance is the bid-ask spread. Bid-ask spread is a term used to facilitate buying and selling in financial institutions. For easy communication in a financial institution, this term is used. It also ensures orderly trading. It will be hard for you to fit in an investment portfolio when you do not understand some of the business terms. You are advised to do some financial research on financial terms. You should always remember that your business depends on its financial stand. Get more details here: